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Enterprise annual output of millions of dollars a year, how did we do that dynamic _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
Enterprise annual output of millions of dollars a year, how did we do that we liqun tarpaulins and observed in green camel town community new do a tarpaulin factory building area of nearly square, only a year, year worth tens of millions of yuan, this to our horse is fast, the machine run fast, run 24 hours a day, at the same time, expand the business team, our new domestic and international personnel team, at the same time, to be successful in the industry at present. At the same time, we take 'quality of survival, innovation for development' for the purpose, focus on brand management and the concept of 'cost', to increase investment in science and technology and the construction of production base, has set up a 'product research and development center', '' marketing center' and 'after-sales service center, and other major functional departments. We all have been dedicated to promoting development of leather enterprise, constantly cultivate and bring up a batch of master industry, advanced technology, innovation of high-quality professional team. We by the high quality product, considerate service and good reputation to win customers and peers recognized all over the world. Products is diversified, three-dimensional sales channels. http://www。 linyangpvc。 Com/contacts: manager zhao telephone: 13869919193; 13754728822 tarpaulins come to us!
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