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Embossed printing color of soft PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11


The printing and embossing of soft polyvinyl chloride film can sometimes be combined, called embossing. The embossing roller shall have a round top protruding enough. The color paste transfer roller makes the round top have a color film before embossing. At the same time of embossing, the color paste film will be taken off from the embossing roller and attached to the concave grain of the film embossing (Figure 4-53).

can also be colored after embossing:

① when the embossed film is printed, the system allows the printed pattern to be formed on the protruding top when embossing (Figure 4-54)).

② use a coloring roller to color the embossed protruding part or its side (Figure 4-55 and Figure 4-56). Side coloring can show pictures with different shades of color.

can also be embossed on the printed film, and the printed pattern changes little, the fixing force of the color paste will also be improved due to the heat and pressure during embossing.

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