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Electrostatic protective film, PE supply information

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
Electrostatic protective film on some products can not use glue but needs to be done for surface protection, is a good choice, some products use the protective film will appear with a little adhesives glue or product surface is damaged, electrostatic membrane, PE can solve this problem completely. PE electrostatic protective film manufacturers - — Lam Yang technology co. , LTD. Color, thickness, viscosity can provide customers with choice space, and agent import electrostatic membrane. PE electrostatic protective film with good transparency, small water lines, crystal points less, high static electricity resistance, electrostatic effect is good. Products comply with international industry standards. Electrostatic membrane has excellent stability in high temperature conditions. In any environment using residual impurities in the product surface, more environmental protection function and reliability. In use or use after all does not produce any toxic gases and volatile and harmful to the environment of the material, widely used in various industrial fields. Surface of products have very good protection effect, effectively reduce the bad product production, improve process stability and improve product value. Electrostatic membrane using electrostatic plastic film on the glass or other items to protect, such as mobile phone, computer, PDA, etc to glue not require extremely high protection, milky electrostatic membrane used in home appliances and other special advertising printing can according to customer requirements of composite is different from type paper, printing and processing.
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