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Electrostatic protective film, PE produce wholesale

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
PE electrostatic protective film performance: 1. Our factory supply electrostatic protective film with PE environmental protection material production, the product with self-adhesive, stretching rate is strong, all sorts of color, thickness, viscosity can be free to choose. Good transparency, mainly in order to prevent the finished goods be scratched or damaged, easy to stick and rip,, used in the film after double membrane can be offset color printing machine, can also produce other color electrostatic membrane, the biggest characteristic can be frozen stick/frozen peritoneum, can also be high temperature resistant. 2. Width of the widest can do 1240 mm, the thinnest thickness can be 0. 03 mmpe electrostatic membrane, scope of application: this product is applicable to 1. PP. PVC。 PET sheet/PS. The strength. Acrylic/lens/glass/aluminum/iron surface protection. 2. Stainless steel plate: mirror plate, grinding plate, color steel plate surface protection such as 3. Aluminum: aluminum plate, coarse grained aluminum plate, aluminum, grind arenaceous aluminum aluminum extrusions, spraying, electrophoresis, spraying matte aluminum, the surface of the coarse sand material spraying protection. 4. Building materials: fine grinding plate, coarse grain to grind arenaceous, aluminous model board, ceiling, frosted glass ceiling, artificial marble, plastic molding, ceramic tile, marble, glass plate, curtain wall, color map board, polyester furniture board, paint decoration plate, coarse grain polyester furniture plate surface protection. 5. Electrical and electronic materials, electronic screen, instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, shell surface such as surface, air conditioning and all kinds of household electrical appliances, such as titanium plate surface protection. 6. Plastic plate, organic glass panel, PVC panel, ABS light panels, light plastic plate surface protection
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