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Electrostatic protective film, glass protective film lens protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
Features: (electrostatic protective film products 1) Product has good transparency, small water lines, crystal points less. ( 2) High static electricity resistance, electrostatic effect is good. Thickness: 0. 04mm - 0. 15 mm product specification: according to the requirements of customers. Color categories: static PE film, transparent PE film, PE composite printing film; Can be customized according to customer requirements. Application scope for more glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. Stainless steel plate, plate for mirror, frosted, choi steel, such as aluminum, aluminum plate, coarse grained aluminum plate, aluminum, grind arenaceous aluminum extrusions, spraying, electrophoresis, spraying matte aluminum extrusions, coarse sand injection profile and electronic materials such as: electronic screens, instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, shell surface such as surface and all kinds of household electrical appliances, air conditioning board of surface protection, such as titanium plate: organic glass panel, PVC panel, ABS light panels, light plastic plate using precautions: the product stored in room temperature, without direct sunlight. Indoor ventilated breathe freely. Attached with before use, should remove the material surface temperature, humidity, water, oil and dirt, etc. Note: this product has been through strict inspection, but as a result of each user USES and production process used is different, so that there are many factors to know and control by the manufacturer. So the user first, please confirm the applicability of products, such as not cause any loss, verified using use take responsibility.
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