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Electrostatic membrane, the application of electronic products in the industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-01
Chemical products sales of electronic products in the packaging or interim many terminal to electrostatic protective film bag packaging for protection, avoid damaged and reduce friction on the surface of the product performance. In the electronics industry is the main form of electrostatic hazard caused by electrostatic discharge components of catastrophic failure and potential failure, may, in turn, cause the whole machine performance degradation or damage. Electrostatic protective film, bag, therefore, the main purpose of the static electricity protective and control should be control of electrostatic discharge, which will prevent electrostatic discharge or electrostatic discharge energy fell below the damage threshold of all sensitive devices, thus protecting the product. Electrostatic protection should control the generation of static electricity and control the dissipation of electrostatic two aspects, the control of electrostatic generation mainly control the production process and production in the choice of materials, control of electrostatic dissipation are mainly electrostatic discharge and neutralization quickly and safely; The combination of both is much the result of the static level shall not exceed the safety limits, achieve the goal of protection products. Common in the production workshop workers wear antistatic clothing, equipped with anti-static wristbands, anti-static finger sets of tools is the production of anti-static measures, such as the production process, as far as possible use of electrostatic protective film, in order to prevent electrostatic damage to the electronic products.
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