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Electrostatic membrane, since the mucous membrane has any different? What are the

by:LINYANG     2020-03-01
Since the mucosa is another industry term for electrostatic membrane, since the mucous membrane manufacturer in shenzhen lam Yang technology for you to introduce what is the purpose of the mucous membrane: the mucous membrane is a kind of coating film, depends on the product itself electrostatic adsorption to stick the protective items, more commonly used to the surface of the adhesive or glue residue is more sensitive, more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. External feel electrostatic electrostatic membrane, is the mucous membrane, adhesion is low, in the highlight enough. Appear more in the market now is a classic series of electrostatic PE film, this is a kind of use special production technology is a type of double-layer co-extrusion protective film, the product has excellent stability in high temperature conditions. Because he did not use any adhesives used in any environment residual impurities in the product surface is more environmental protection function and reliability. Widely used in the field of electronics industry, the production cycle and shipment to effectively protect the surface of the product to reduce the product defective rate obviously improve product value. Since the mucous membrane how to choose? Take into account the waterproof, prevent dust, fingerprints, into the screen, and have the effect of protection, and a little thin film integrated many practical function by young people. LCD screen is not limited to protect the LCD screen now, electrostatic membrane with functional protective film to enter the market, the added more fashion and practical factors, such as grind arenaceous film, mirror film, prevent glimpse into membrane, AR membrane and anti-radiation protective film, etc. , all of these are based on the initial resistance to scrape through special process to join the special material make it have more functions. In the choice of surface protective film techniques, high quality are electrostatic protection now, don't choose with glue, protective film for a long time the glue will melt yellowing, and down very troublesome, often have glue on the screen is hard to remove. Some LCD electrostatic membrane can also play a role in protecting eyesight, to reduce the effect of radiation. Actually electrostatic membrane, also there are points of different class, the price is mainly based on the grade and size of the sticker. Protective film really good electrostatic membrane to paste the environment request is not high, just put less dust in the damp environment, more convenient.
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