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Electrostatic membrane electrostatic performance test methods

by:LINYANG     2020-02-28
Electrostatic membrane electrostatic performance test method, this method can evaluate flexible packaging of electrostatic shielding performance. Testing instrument of electrostatic shielding testing instrument design voltage of 1000 v, formed by a discharge device and a set of electrodes. Accord with IEC61340 - instrument technology indicators 5 - A 1:2001. 7. 2、A. 7. 4. 1 to A. 7. 4. The rules of the 7. The minimum size required bag size is not less than 200 mm * 250 mm, have open electrode can be fully loaded. Electrodes into the bag of the size is not less than 100 mm, and centered. For other size of the bag, should make the electrodes are placed in the center of the bag. Testing requirements will be at least 6 to test samples are placed in relative humidity of 12% plus or minus 3% ( Or 50% + / - 3%) Environment of preset 48 h, then the instrument capacitor electrodes into the bag in the position, when the power is turn on the discharger, read connected to the current sensor voltage value indicated on the display. Triboelectrification electrostatic charge test using object and its distributed capacitance on the earth, the tested object with static electricity. Test equipment Faraday cup, triboelectrification equipment, static electricity meter ( Static contact voltage meter, capacitor) 。 Requirements within the Faraday cylinder, static electricity meter input ground resistance is greater than 1 * 10 ^ 12 ohms. The object to be tested after friction apparatus friction, into the connection of the electrical static electricity meter and Faraday cup, measured with electricity. Flexible packaging class test method of electrostatic decay period, electrostatic shielding performance, surface resistivity test method should be in line with the GJB 2605 - respectively 4 in 1996. 7. 16, 4. 7. 19, 4. 7. The requirements of 18.
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