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Electrostatic membrane distinguish method

by:LINYANG     2020-03-01
We simply talk about the distinction between electrostatic membrane method: 1. Resistance test: test surface resistance tester electrostatic membrane surface anti-static effect, general membrane type antistatic effect is relatively weak, in e9-10 10 e11 shall prevail, with a high precision instrument testing to detect the range value, average resistance tester can be accurately detected this value. Suggest using the similar ACL380 such instruments ( Big companies had substitute: DP - The surface resistance tester, 600) ; 2. Friction: voltage electrostatic voltage tester is used to inspect its friction how high voltage, standard is in 100 v or less. Suggestions can use FMX - 003 static voltage tester, infrared sensor induction, affordable, the test is more accurate, test precision is: plus or minus 10 v. More than 10 v can be detected,) ;
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