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Electrostatic membrane development direction, wide application prospect

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
In nearly a decade, China's production and application of PE protective film to get fast development, the production sharply increased and has become the world's biggest producer. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the daily necessities, food, medicine and all kinds of industrial products packaging put forward higher request, high performance, and become the focus of the study of functional RuanSu packaging materials with high barrier property, high transparency, multi-function fresh-keeping and aseptic RuanSu packaging materials are increasingly brought to the attention of the people, and show the growing market demand. Development performance, decent appearance and packing is very convenient, environmental protection safety used in food and pharmaceutical packaging products, to improve the grade of packaging of food and pharmaceutical products, meet the increasing market demand, to replace imports, enhance the capacity of the export of food and drug products, has become a very urgent task. The current domestic production and application of the electrostatic film is still in the high speed, high efficiency and low consumption of extensive growth stage. Most of the products is low, there is a big gap with the developed countries, especially in the functional aspects of film gap is more obvious, the most high-end functional packaging materials depend on import, this has become our country a big factor in the development of food, medicine packaging. Using two-way stretch technology in strength, rigidity and dimensional stability of thin film preparation, optical properties and thickness uniformity has incomparable advantage over ordinary film, as a result, in food, pharmaceutical and other industrial products packaging occupy the important position. With the tide of environmental protection, consumer to put forward higher and higher commodity packaging requirements. Green packaging is the need of the international development trend of environmental protection, but also represents the national packaging industry development trend, is to improve the product market competitiveness, avoid one of the important content of new trade barriers. The greening of membrane also became one of the important development trend. At present the definition of green packaging is not a complete reunification. The meaning of green packaging is the most important is to protect the environment, but also with the significance of renewable resources.
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