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Electrostatic membrane application in the plastic sheet

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
Electrostatic membrane adsorption capacity to a certain extent, on the industrial plastic board has a different application. Many manufacturers are in processing, it is need to protective film to protect products, make oneself in the process of selling products will not be affected. Electrostatic membrane is made of polyethylene production and processing, the general production process for multi-layer co-extrusion method ( Blow) 。 It is a kind of stick by electrostatic adsorption in contact with the product, so as to protect a membrane on the surface of the product. Electrostatic adsorption is not adhesive protective film, it also has another name is no film. In the process of a lot of customer consultation, the customer requirements are no film. The characteristics of the electrostatic membrane is without glue adhesive, is to rely on the protective film on the surface of electrostatic adsorption. Consulting clients need quotation is need protective film thickness and viscosity, we can according to the related quotation to the customer. In the case of customer don't understand, we will give the customer a variety of choice, in the process of consultation, we also asked the client to use in what aspect, with our professional advice to clients must be, makes the customer saves time and effort. Many customers are processors, consulting how to stick a good product, make oneself of the products can be benefited from protection. Plastic plate is indispensable things in daily life, a lot of smooth surface of the plastic surface when you buy will attach a layer of film, when you do not need to tear, that is static film. Many used more than once in the processing of plastic surface electrostatic membrane, it needs to be a lot of time is the early as electrostatic membrane, in order not to let the product surface spray paint or reprocessing is not contaminated. When stick plastic plate electrostatic membrane, there will be a lot of cases, such as: can't fully fit, there will be air bubbles in the middle. Some plastic surface electrostatic membrane. This in several ways: 1. The smoothness of the surface of the product. 2. Product surface impurities. 3. Electrostatic protective film viscosity is not enough. These three conditions is the most able to consider, plastic products surface smoothness is generally called smooth surface and the surface. Smooth as its name implies is smooth surface, when put this plastic board face is not very tall to the requirement of electrostatic membrane, viscosity is small, can achieve optimum results. And the product is hard to say, the surface has besmirch, uneven and so on, in this case, generally we require customers to sample, or need to send the samples to come over to our customer for testing. In general, we involved in the industry are clearly identified, we are all can be recommended to the customer electrostatic membrane model. But without involving customer words, are all need to send the samples to come over to our customer to test one by one in accordance with the requirements, that is to save time and effort. Lam jan Himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 Specializing in the production of plastic plate with electrostatic membrane, welcome your inquiry.
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