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Electrostatic film printing need to pay attention to?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
Electrostatic membrane is a coating film, rely on the product itself electrostatic adsorption to stick the protective items, using electrostatic membrane production label is a more common way of printing, printing more commonly used in electrostatic membrane to the surface of the adhesive or glue residue is more sensitive. Come here, know about the electrostatic film printing problems to which attention should be paid. Electrostatic film label back adhesive stickers, can paste repeatedly, according to the interior decoration style or season to replace the paster, and unveils the before using the tear to the bottom of the transparent film roll fold after properly kept, may continue to use repeatedly, easy to use, without other auxiliary material, can complete the paste. Electrostatic film printing note: electrostatic membrane material surface is very special, general printing ink is very difficult to dry, this leads to easy to scrape off color after printing up, lead to products not beautiful, usually has the following several ways: after use normal ink, printing, laminating, Is not recommended that a film will affect the electrostatic film has a soft, have a certain influence on adsorption) Using UV ink, in a printer with UV lamp on the UV ink, can quickly drying inks, ink the effect will be better to prevent than ordinary; After printing, can be in surface layer of dumb oil or light oil, can effectively protect the ink; ? Rotary press printing and corona treatment, can also protect ink will not be scratched.
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