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Electrophoresis coating film forming method

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Electrophoretic coating is a special film forming method, to water-based paint is the most meaningful construction process, with a water-soluble, non-toxic, easy automation and other characteristics. So far, the foreign part of the commercial companies have years of experience in vehicle cathodic electrodeposition coating, while the commercial companies industry in our country started late in this aspect, in the process that has acquired a disadvantage, but with the lGolden Dragon arge passenger cathode electrophoresis line, breaking the old inherent in the original production process, and gradually become the main route bus industry, one passenger coating process of change already kicked off.

Electrophoresis technology

Electrophoretic coating was invented in the late 1930s, but development of this technology and used in industrial production in 1963. The 1960s, Ford Motor Company was first to electrophoretic coating technology for automotive primer.

From the early 1980s, FAW First, the introduction of foreign cathodic electrodeposition coating technology, especially in the 1990s, passenger car joint venture and the establishment of joint ventures, paint, coating technology and to promote China's automotive coating packaging material to reach the world advanced level. Electrophoretic technique is passenger cars, light commercial vehicles must be part of the application of the coating process, but also in passenger cars on the application has been improving, but the application of large passenger vehicles in the country less, the majority still follow the traditional large passenger spraying primer backward technology.

Detailed electrophoresis

Bus from the main structure of welded steel components, steel corrosion will directly damage the bus in the main structure, so steel will affect the overall quality of life of passenger cars. For users, the better the quality of steel corrosion, the longer the life of the purchase of vehicles, thus reducing vehicle maintenance and repair costs of late, so the electrophoretic technology to become mainstream international preferred destination of the bus manufacturer election.

Electrophoretic techniques, including pre-treatment, degreasing, washing, table adjustment, phosphate, washing, pure water washing, electrophoresis, ultrafiltration washing, pure water washing pre-treatment of 10 multi-channel electrophoresis process. Compared with spray paint technology, the use of electrophoresis coating of primer material from the metal surface by electrochemical reaction in the formation of the film, is more dense than ordinary spray, stronger adhesion, and have superior salt fog, heat-resistant properties, its corrosion resistance is much higher than other types of primer.

Cathodic electrodeposition coating with a film uniformity, adhesion strength, drying, flattening with the nature and good ductility, can be flat, smooth, uniform appearance of the coating; swimming through electrophoretic force, greatly improving the body cavity, crevice corrosion resistance and other parts; using membrane technology, recycled paint with a liquid coating to make the utilization of up to 98%; automate the production process, it has a lower direct labor costs, shorten operating time and improve production efficiency, and many other advantages. Full immersion vehicle electrophoresis method so that the body cavity construction, cracks and other parts can be easily painted to electrophoresis, and its resistance to salt spray test more than 1000h, the vehicle can guarantee there are no rust perforation for 10 years, significantly extending the entire vehicle life.

Although the process than the traditional cathode electrophoresis painting process much more complex, management is also more stringent, but by mechanical automatic transmission system with reasonable layout process, to achieve rapid and efficient water production, greatly improving the productivity and coating quality.

In addition, electrophoretic techniques in environmental protection has more obvious advantages. Cathodic electrophoretic paint is a water-soluble paint, very low organic solvent content, security is much higher than the average paint, no fire hazard. This not only saves the expenditure of plant fire protection measures, but also to achieve zero emissions, promote energy saving in line with national industrial policies, cleaner production, the benefit of society.


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