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Electronics factory how to select protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
Electronics factory is protective film one of the major procurement manufacturers, as well as protective film manufacturer is very important client, tender young technology after nearly a decade of protective film production and sales experience accumulated a large number of electronics factory customer, because the customer demand for electronics factory and production requirements are very understanding. Electronics factory demand for protective film is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the protection of semi-finished products, the other is the protection of finished products. The protection of semi-finished products mainly embodied in the process of production of electronic parts for dust, fingerprints, scratch-resistant protection, because in the process of storage and transportation, assembly we can absolutely protect the appearance of the product was high requirements of the next working procedure and the necessary protection, and the protection if not implemented, is bound to affect the next working procedure smoothly, even affect the entire product features; The protection of finished products mainly product finished product assembly for shipment before the sales of the protection in the process of storage and transportation. Commonly used protective film to sum up, electronics factory mainly include PE protective film, PET protective film and different electronics factory for the production of products required by the different PE protective film, or the types of PET protective film also not nearly the same, here is not to introduce this company produces the one electronics factory have checker PE film protective film, static film, plain film, PET mirror film, scratch-resistant membrane and so on can be customized according to the requirements of corresponding various viscosity, thickness. Size can be directly moulded cutting according to the samples according to drawing
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