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Electrical film type

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
Electrical film (1) semiconductor devices and integrated circuits used in conductive material and medium film Al, Cr, Pt, Au, polysilicon, silicides, SiOj, Si3N4 and A12Q3 film. (2) superconducting thin films, especially the widespread attention at home and abroad in recent years, the high temperature superconducting thin films, such as YBaCuO series of rare earth element oxide superconductor thin film and BiSiCaCuO series and TlBaCuO is not rare earths oxide superconductor thin film. (3) the function of the optoelectronic devices used in the film especially successful GaAs/GaAlAs research development in recent years, the HgTe/CdTe. a - Si: H - SiGe:H、a- SiC: H - 罪:H - Si/a- SiC and so on a series of crystalline and amorphous superlattice films. (4) thin film sensitive element and solid state sensors such as SnO: film combustible gas sensor, ZiOj film oxygen sensor, thin film strain resistance and pressure sensor, Pl, Ni and Co « Mn - metal film Ni and the oxide film and SiC thin film thermal resistor and ion sensor of Si3N4, Ta205 film o (5) thin film resistors, capacitors, film resistance capacity network and hybrid integrated circuit such as Ni - Low resistivity and Cr> Cr series; The SiO series high resistivity of metal film resistor; With polyester film or polypropylene film as the backing material, Medium) To cast or aluminium film plated film as the electrode manufacturing thin film capacitor, etc. 6) thin film solar cells, especially, CuInSe2 and CdSe is silicon thin film solar cells. All landowners LCD flat display device, plasma display and electroluminescent display three types of flat panel display device used in a transparent conductive electrode, Indium tin oxide film) 。 Especially in thin film electroluminescent screen is a function of multilayer film ( Including indium tin oxide transparent conductive film, Y203, Ta205 dielectric film, ZnS: administered Mn luminescent film, such as A1 film electrode, etc. ) All solid state of flat panel display device. Was made of ZnO, Ta205, A1N film surface acoustic wave filter. Pet-name ruby magnetic recording thin film and film head, such as for high quality audio and video film recorded tapes and video tapes of magnetic materials; Used for computer data storage CoCrTa, CoCrNi film floppy disk and hard disk; Used in the vertical magnetic recording FeSiAl film head, etc. Se - attending electrostatic printing drum Te, SeTeAs alloy film and amorphous silicon thin film.
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