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Effects of seasons on the selection of tarpaulin-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-02
The influence of season on the selection of tarpaulin the tarpaulin single-layer account produced by Linyi tarpaulin manufacturer has a very good ventilation effect. It is composed of canopy and nylon, and the light rain can be easily resisted. The excessive effect is very poor, the wind resistance is also very poor and suitable for use in sunny days in summer. Then it is relatively complicated but more adaptable. The three-season account can be used in most areas and seasons. It has certain wind resistance, rain and snow resistance, and is suitable for short-term field sleep, cold season is not suitable. In cold winter, we need to use more capable four seasons. Very good resistance and convenient cooking design are very suitable for winter and snow. However, in the summer and hot weather, try not to use it. The Four Seasons account is very unsuitable for use in hot times. The use of tarpaulin has certain preconditions. We must use it correctly according to the specifications. Only in this way can we extend its service life and reduce waste. When the tarpaulin is not used, it should be collected. All the spare parts should be collected completely. Don't miss anything, so as not to lack parts when you use it next time, and you can't cover the items well. One thing to pay attention to in handling is to handle it gently, and to ensure that it is placed in a safe position, not in a place too high temperature, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. To avoid unnecessary losses caused by burning the tarpaulin or the items under the tarpaulin.
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