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Dynamic truck tarpaulin bind _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
Truck cover tarpaulin now, new traffic regulations also explicitly request residue in car cover tarpaulins, but the truck loading of the goods is different, have different choice of tarpaulin type and binding method. Tent when using basic requirements and bundle method is introduced as follows: 1. This product can only be used for film covering open wagon load transport more afraid of wet, inflammable goods or other goods they need. 2. Poison, corrosive materials and polluting goods shall not use the product. 3. In the film covering the goods easy to damage the product, need loading unit to take the necessary protective measures, protective material provided by the shipper. 4. Product quality must be better for loading, whether need to check this product ahead of the rope is complete, the tags and number is complete and clear. 5. According to the regulations of the film covering standards for film covering. 6. Need to make before use check the quality of the product. 7. If truck loading height more than gondola car side side more than 1 meter or supercargo they may be undertaken in a vehicle. 8. Truck products need to be used by the X type and D type two kinds, need each car type D product film covering a X products need to adopt 'two twists', every car film covering two pieces. 9. Film covering the front of the waist rope outward, longitudinal film covering, if they two pieces when the two pieces of take it according to the running direction as far as consequent pressure seam. 10. Two pieces of it need to fold, lap length can be adjusted according to the height of the loading of the goods, if there is no end end rope, one end of the endless rope in central vehicles need Shan, overlapping part of the rope, the rope should be wrapped in the folds. 11. Angle when the need to end pin, then Angle rope taut, make the Angle within the medial expands into triangle, after both sides Angle pressing bends to the truck end wall, in accordance with the order of the first left after the right to bind, on both ends of the vehicle close Angle. 12. Rope tied aspects need to be bolted on truck t-bar, shall not be bound in other parts. About the tent when using basic requirements and bundle method is to introduce to the first, in case of need can be directly contact linyi's largest production base - tarpaulins - - - - - - Linyi liqun tarpaulin factory, welcome for enquiry.
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