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Dynamic retraction uneven do _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-24
We often find when buying tarpaulins, some tarpaulins surface is uneven, not smooth, the serious influence its quality, so the tarpaulin factory to improve production technology and process, in order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation. Now to solve this problem is mainly from the following two aspects: 1, the weft yarn tension adjustment: the size of tension of weft yarn is affected by the size of the axial filament is very big, and weft yarn tension adjustment mainly adjustment brush elastic tension spring, it's really hard to adjust a well balanced. Suggestions to improve this kind of adjustment methods, such as increasing friction tension method. 2, the regulation of the warp tension: the warp tension control is mainly warp, flat wire through the thread hole, let-off roller and jump bar. Each warp frame spindles tray shaft rotational resistance moment, is the birthplace of directly affect the warp tension. In addition must pay attention to the presence of flat wire winding on the shaft and make the rotational resistance torque increase, with or without edge for wire and make the rotational resistance torque unevenness. Jump bar adjustment is one of the most important, first of all, each jump bar flexible rotation, cannot be stuck dust and greasy, several or a dozen root root together, with isolation ring advice when isolated from each jump bar, in order to increase activity. Tarpaulin tent factory tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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