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Dynamic quality tarpaulins to identify technology introduction _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-24
Tarpaulins, widely used on the market there are many kinds of tarpaulins, as we said in front of the tent, so how do we when the choose and buy tarpaulins to identify quality of tarpaulins, ok? By linyi tarpaulin factory below to share with you about the little technology. Understand the quality of tarpaulins, price actually takes up a lot of factors, in general, the area of the same proportion, the higher the price of tarpaulin products, the quality must be better. But there are still some disadvantages, the price is on the one hand, practicality and on the other hand. In a tent on the quality of an important standard is the density of longitude and latitude, the higher the density, strength is, the better, is the quality is better. In is to see appearance, the more rough surface, the lower quality, so if you took a tarpaulin to, first take a look at the roughness, which can then be relative with the hand try the softness, the main material is introduced in the tarpaulins in the material that made a very detailed explanation, look from the material quality is a reference method. At the time of purchase, tarpaulins are can use water to test, a good tent products after hand rub and then pour water and see if it leaks, if the problems of poor quality tarpaulins. Common saying say 'interlaced like the hills,' knowledge of tarpaulins, perhaps not professional, but as long as pay more attention to look more at ordinary times, must be able to find a good place to buy tarpaulin. An excerpt: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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