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Double from the type of paper used for composite double-sided adhesive

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
We often use the double-sided adhesive, except to use the layer of the tape, the outside bottom paper used is double mold, paper side for adsorption using adhesive tape, on the other side is another layer of double-sided adhesive is very easy to separate, when tear take different sides of the stripping force. Type double from paper made of silicone oil paper, the characteristics of this paper is high temperature resistant, moistureproof, oil resistant. Ordinary from type paper for three layer structure, divided into the base paper, film, mold release agent. The double mold is five layer structure from type paper base paper, film, on both sides respectively with silicone oil. Referred to as a double from type paper. Can also some manufacturer request from type paper printing, the effect of production process is on the base paper first printing film with silicon. At present, the double from type paper and double mold film both sides to stick with glue tape or panel, so that when peeling the panel not have glue or damaged panel consequences.
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