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Double blue PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Blue PET protective film manufacturers, Yang technology co. , LTD. , hotline at 400 - 6666 - 322. Blue PET protective film is PET as the backing material, then coated with acrylic glue, combined with the mold film winding. In the mobile phone manufacturing, screen processing, and many other high-end products widely used in the process, membrane more easily identify blue protective film is relatively high, easy to mark in the manufacturing process of both the front and back of the card. The thickness of the wire from 5 ~ 12. 5 wire, viscosity has low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity available; The role of abrasion, scratch proof, dustproof, all production processes are in the clean room assignments, meet the requirements of customers for its cleanliness. High temperature resistant, no adhesive residue, attached with a beautiful, scratch-resistant, high light resistance, good stiffness, weather resistance, High temperature/humidity/solvent) 。 Completely clean room production, high cleanliness. Blue PET protective film features: 1, various thickness, various viscosity range to choose from; 2, do not glue, glue with smooth surface die-cutting without colloidal particles; 3, can be used to highlight a mirror surface of a product protection; 4, easy to die cutting, very suitable for electronic manufacturing industry; 5, suitable for material, metal and plastic panel surface protection commonly, can be repeated use. Blue PET protective film applications: mobile phones, computers, monitors, panels, screen, plastic shell, aluminum plate, plate, polaroid, membrane switch, spread sheets, FPC, glass, lens; Die cutting, electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, printing, composite, metal, plastic, in various fields such as photoelectric, metal industry. Storage conditions and the period of validity: products stored in 25 + 2 ℃, 50 + / - 5% RH in the environment; In 6 months after the date of production use the product, can get the best performance.
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