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Dongguan rui hai tai gift packaging company boss run, print winter?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Year approaching, and there's a bear in the printing and packaging enterprise boss run! On January 4, 2016 in the morning, to take on New Year's day holiday come back dongguan rui hai tai gift packaging company employees find boss run up, valuable equipment factory are moving out, nearly three hundred employees also nearly 20 million unpaid wages. To hear that the boss run road, suddenly facing unemployment and unpaid two month hundreds of staff panicked, some employees want to on the road, begging for, some claim to the labor department for help. Finally, the staff decided to labor bureau reflects the problems of the boss run after, the dining hall in the factory sitting quietly waiting for the claim. According to the company's website data, dongguan rui hai tai gift packaging products co. , LTD. Was established in April 2011, the company now has workshop 15000 square meters, employees over 300 people. Companies have Roland four open four-color printing presses, Heidelberg four-color printing press more and other processing after a series of form a complete set of equipment, the main products are propaganda album, handbags, cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, hand act the role of box, packing box, craft gift boxes, etc. Products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions. Dongguan rui hydratight hydratight resources co. , LTD, belonging to Hong Kong in 2006 in shenzhen futian che che industrial zone, 210 to set up the factory building 4th floor, with the enlargement of the business and the rising cost of factory in shenzhen, the company in 2011 moved to dongguan changan. Gift packaging industry in recent years, however, the situation deteriorated sharply, the costs rose sharply, but the company's business is shrinking year by year. In are languishing for several years, hydratight boss fled in panic. For gift box the collapse of the enterprise, the industry already normal. In recent years, with the yuan's rise fall, artificial, taxes, logistics, factory rent such as enterprise operating costs rise sharply, rely on cheap Labour gift packaging businesses have fallen. Over the past few years time, the will is high, jinlun, magnified, color of the sky, the letter jie, yuhua xing, haili makes crystal, yongfeng, new German, LeHeng, tengda, coupling of fast held in a large influence in the industry of enterprise bankruptcy. Thousands in 2015, established companies such as colour, ussl, rich grand fall, guangyu printing, rong color printing and other capital chain rupture, golden color, elegant figure of shi and other well-known enterprises also rumors out of loss. In 2016, the Chinese gift box packaging and other labor-intensive enterprise survival environment is very difficult to change, some of the large enterprise groups in printing and packaging industry storied could into the crisis of capital chain rupture. Perhaps, the next year is the most painful year industry bosses.
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