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Don't know how to identify the quality of the tarpaulins come in look

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
Tarpaulins is widely used, such as some large use need to always buy tarpaulins, time is long will find tarpaulin is not the same as the quality of the manufacturer or not the same price, the quality will be different, the same way, using some time for a long time, some, on the other hand, this also is we will identify the quality always can choose the good quality tarpaulins, and won't choose can only rely on luck, we own our tarpaulin is still relatively good, the use of leading our tent, becomes a technical business, learn to choose, small make up to you about hope to be able to help you. The density of 1, tent: the density of waterproof tarpaulins as one of the important factors. Way to identification of the product is very simple, that is the latitude and longitude, view product closer the better the quality of the product. Second, we need to focus on product surface coarse degree. In the process of selection, we can use the hand feeling infection product coarse degree and flexibility to distinguish the pros and cons of tarpaulin quality 2, maintenance tarpaulins: important feature is the waterproof tarpaulins, so we can try on the product surface spray a small amount of water, if the water is not deep waterproof tarpaulins, so the product quality is relatively good. 3, tent price: of course, this kind of product's quality and price is not decisive, but in the product price, quality usually according to a certain proportion. In general, the same area, the price is relatively high, so the quality of the products is better
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