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Don't be afraid of earthquake, a large number of tarpaulins is shipped to jiuzhaigou _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
On 8 August 21 when 19 points, get, aba prefecture in sichuan jiuzhaigou county town in 7. 0 earthquake, at the moment of that disaster, I immediately organize staff, to the disaster area donation tarpaulins, weibo on love for the people in the disaster area. 9 in the morning, President xi jinping to the earthquake made important instructions, requirements quickly organize relief, go all out to rescue the wounded, minimize casualties. In the face of natural disasters occur, always make us heartache! But life will continue, shortly after the quake, we also should have certain skills, for some aspects need to pay attention to after the earthquake, tarpaulin factory here for everyone to do some small knowledge popularization. 1, check if there is injury to stop breathing, we will promptly to artificial respiration. If just bleeding injury, we should also immediately pressure to the wound bleeding, do not move seriously injured people, they cover injured persons with blankets, to maintain the body temperature. 2, timely check hidden danger as far as possible put out the flame, use a battery-powered flashlight to inspect your home. The flashlight on outside, before entering, that could ignite leaking gas, if the flashlight may produce a spark. And check light pipe and pipe damage, if there is a smell gas, or see a broken line, shut off the main valve from the outside, don't be a lighted match to look for light leak. Do the security check before in power supply bureau, not to switch on. Do not touch downed lines or broken appliances. Hope tarpaulin factory give these two little reminder could help everyone, last prayers for peace! Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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