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Domestic plastic film market has broad prospects

by:LINYANG     2020-02-02


plastic films are widely used in agriculture, industry, construction and other fields due to their large output and various varieties. At present, the output of plastic film in China accounts for about 20% of the total output of plastic products, which is one of the categories with rapid growth in output of plastic products.

According to experts' prediction, the demand for plastic films in the domestic market will continue to grow at a rate of 9% in the next few years, and the market prospect of plastic films in China is very broad. About 2/3 of China's plastic film consumption is used as packaging materials, agricultural plastic film accounts for about 30%, and the rest is used as electrical materials, photosensitive materials and electronic information materials.

China is the country that produces and uses most agricultural plastic films. Agricultural Plastic Films are mainly modern agricultural covering materials such as greenhouse films and mulch films, forage films, sunshade nets, insect nets, etc. At present, the annual usage of various greenhouse films in China is about 1. 5 million tons, and the annual renewal demand is about 700 thousand tons. The films used are ordinary polyvinyl chloride film, polyvinyl chloride drip-free film, ordinary polyethylene film, polyethylene drip-free film, polyethylene multifunctional composite film, EVA multifunctional composite film, etc. The area covered by plastic film in our country has an average annual growth of about 10 million mu. At present, the area covered by plastic film has reached more than 0. 2 billion mu. The actual consumption of plastic film every year is about 450 thousand tons, ranking first in the world. The area of farmland covered with plastic film in China is about 37 million hectares. With the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, the demand for plastic film will continue to grow.

Polypropylene films produced in China are mainly biaxially oriented films (BOPP), Cast film (CPP)And other packaging films. Biaxial stretch film products are widely used in food flexible packaging, color printing, clothing and other industries. At present, China has a production capacity of about 900 thousand tons/year of biaxial Polypropylene Films. 75% of the biaxial Polypropylene Films produced are ordinary light films, with smoke films accounting for only 10%, Pearl films accounting for about 7% and electrical films accounting for 3%, other membranes account for about 5%.

at present, China's plastic film industry is facing great development opportunities. Enterprises should increase investment in technology and make rational use of resources, make up for the deficiencies in production technology and material supply as soon as possible, so as to win more market share in the plastic film market.

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