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Domestic flexible packaging industry to improve safety performance

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
In recent years, packaging and printing industry development, as an important part of the industry, the development of flexible packaging section. After recent years of development, flexible packaging in China has obtained the huge development, but the packaging security incidents often occur, under the condition the influence, flexible packaging safety performance remains to be further improved. As a single order batch is more and more small, from the current market conditions. Printing version in more frequent; Crude oil prices are soaring and, on the other hand, all kinds of raw material price is high, and labor costs rise year by year, flexible packaging industry's profit space compression, further increasing cost pressure. As a result, the flexible packaging industry of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials will be towards environmental safety, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce costs, reduce waste, improve efficiency and yield in the direction of development. The products on the market are mostly rich and colorful. This is on the one hand, thanks to the development of the printing industry, in recent years. On the other hand is the emergence of flexible packaging. According to the survey data show that because of its advantages is gradually taking the metal, cartons and other packaging materials market. But its safety limit its development progress continuously. The container shape can change of packing. Now on the market are mainly paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and its composites made from all kinds of bags, boxes, cover, coating, etc. Packaging industry, flexible packaging refers to after filling out or built-in objects. Flexible packaging with brilliant colour, rich features, various forms of expression, become one of the most main packaging forms shelf sales. The development of these industries, in turn, further boost the demand for flexible packaging market, the domestic progress of flexible packaging industry has greatly promoted the development of the food, cosmetic and other industries. The flexible packaging industry won the enormous market power. According to authoritative organization forecast, the next five years, the global flexible packaging market will be in year 3. Rise 5%, to 2018 annual output value is expected to reach $231 billion. China as the world's second-largest, large natural to keep up with the speed of development in this area. From small to large, rapidly developing domestic flexible packaging industry, flexible packaging started more than 20 years ago in China. Collectivization, scale tendency obviously. At present, the mainland has 400 or so of imported gravure flexible packaging production lines, nearly one thousand domestic wide high-speed gravure flexible packaging production line, the line of manufacturing level is close to or reached the level of developed countries. At the same time the world first-class printing enterprise with absolute holdings, new wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises and holding companies, merger and acquisition of Chinese enterprises, speed up its development in China. For example, the giant global packaging production, Amherst division is $3. RMB 500 million to buy the jiangsu shenda group of flexible packaging business. As the packing of the most potential market, nature will attract foreign investment, it is for the flexible packaging printing enterprises in our country, is both opportunity and challenge. Pay more attention to energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, safety, Personal safety, labor safety, food safety, drug safety, etc. ) New business ideas lead to more flexible packaging enterprises gradually to the specification, the flexible packaging industry on the basis of the original attaches great importance to the quality, efficiency. And take more social responsibility. Flexible packaging, like other packaging, want to consider the three elements of packaging, that is, safety, convenience and beautiful, Display sales promotion) Sex. After 20 years of development, the flexible packaging industry has made great progress, especially in the beautiful sex of flexible packaging has reached world leading level. However, flexible packaging safety, the flexible packaging industry still has certain problem, I need to continue to pay the effort. The flexible packaging companies keep up with the change of market demand, lam jan protective film WWW. hmbhm。 Com in recent years. In a timely manner to adjust product structure, resources to benefit tilt, implements the product differentiation, the diversification of structure. High value-added products emerge in endlessly, such as BOPP thermal shrinkage film, anti-static film, hd film, resistance to cooking film, transfer film, high gloss film, ultrathin film and synthetic paper gradually realize the industrialization. BOPPT heat-resistant film, BOPPT line coating film, adding nanomaterial BOPPT film manufacturing new products such as imitation glass and bulletproof glass, become the new tendency of the development of BOPPT film.
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