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Does the bathroom need a glass explosion-proof membrane?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23
In modern home decoration, many consumers will choose more fashionable bathrooms when choosing bathroom products. However, when choosing a bathroom, you will encounter the problem of whether a bathroom glass needs an explosion-proof membrane. In order to help consumers make better choices, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the importance of bathroom glass explosion-proof membrane. Interested friends will come and have a look! Bathroom explosion-proof membrane should be careful when selecting glass explosion-proof membrane, and try to choose explosion-proof membrane certified by international window membrane association and qualified to produce safety membrane. Some of the main components are inferior explosion-proof membranes of polyvinyl chloride, which not only do not have any protective effect when accidents occur, but also contain toxic substances, which will cause chronic injury after long-term use. Bathroom products on the market, due to reasons such as aesthetics, generally do not have an explosion-proof film on the glass. The explosion-proof film can improve the strength of the tempered glass, and at the same time, when the tempered glass bursts, the self-explosive glass fragments can be glued together by the adhesion of the explosion-proof film, prevent glass fragments from splashing and hurting people caused by glass self-explosion. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of self-explosion of bathroom glass, the owner can purchase explosion-proof film stickers just in case. The application of safety explosion-proof membrane has reached 80% in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is still a new industry in China. With the improvement of domestic consumers' safety awareness, the explosion-proof membrane of bathroom partition glass will be widely used, pan-application. 1. The partition glass explosion-proof membrane can effectively prevent the harm caused by the self-explosion of the partition glass in the bathroom. The self-explosive glass fragments are glued together, and will not splash and will not cause secondary damage to the human body; This explosion-proof membrane buffers the impact strength to avoid greater damage, and there are no acute angle fragments even after accidental impact. 2, bathroom bathroom partition glass explosion-proof film has heat insulation and energy saving ( Compared with no stickers, the indoor temperature can differ by 30%), Isolation of ultraviolet rays ( Explosion-proof membrane barrier rate is as high as 97% to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging human body and bathroom), Protect privacy ( The partition glass with explosion-proof membrane presents a single item to meet your high-quality life and create an all-weather private space)Good decoration effect ( Various explosion-proof membrane colors are consistent with the bathroom wall style, improving the overall space aesthetics).

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