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Do you know about the history of tarpaulins _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
Tarpaulins history surely everyone don't understand it, want to know. Linyi tarpaulin factory to share with you tarpaulin history. Tent history can be traced back to the 8 000 BC nomadic yi yi close to home, the family they built branches to hide and dynamic outdoor tents for easy tear open outfit, crude tents pillars as embedded in the soil are important supporting, the animal a tied to the stigma branches, on the other side firmly in the air, bedclothes hides between the branches, fasten in the branches of animal bear against the function of the sun and rain. But when the strong wind hit or not survive. Is, given the human clever clever, so weak without the wind of life in our civilized history, is just a small episode. There is no conflict between people s only cower natural with easily live life attitude, and when the civilized history really on the eve of the river on both sides of the attack, 'camp', history is silent copying. War is the facilitator of civilization, human history since the ski-wear, playing in the war, the camp and our bloody relates in together, in the modern military strategy, marching to manage became an important content in the confrontation and capital, the firm 'camp' is to manage the heavy one, on the basis of our outdoor activities at rest now will still be called 'camping'. Because so much of the principle of 'camp' is not the common sense of happy-go-lucky, choose some targeted 'presence', because of the arrival of the war, human quality to 'live' and 'camp' indecent points have qualitative pentium. Since ancient times to the present of the tent with a long history, as early as when genghis khan unified Mongolia plateau, tent is the necessities of life, they just called ger, Mongolian is by nomadic, so often need to move, to make it easier to move house of his own, the may be they invented the tent, in earlier times, people use wood to build the house of the triangular, and the house is also can be moved, or recycling, may this triangle grass shack is the ancestor of tents. After a time, people begin to learn to weave, and then learned to put cloth soaked in resin, so as to rise the effect of wind proof, and then use it to build house, this is the most primitive of the tent. Modern tents for the development of faster, whether it is material quality, are much better than before, still beautiful in imagine the origin of the tent, we use the tent is a good fun. More and more used to travel to modern tents, style is also more and more. There are mainly the account type A [ The house type account] The account, modified the account type, dome [ Ger type] Account, geometry of circular arc, the Indian pyramid type tents, tunnel tents, there is also a kind of special tent is belong to the individual is special, also is to sleep on the account Or sleeping bag] 。 Above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin manufacturer, want to learn more knowledge about the tarpaulin please go to our official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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