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Disposable plastic lunch boxes will have legal status

by:LINYANG     2020-02-10


non-degradable tableware such as disposable plastic lunch boxes that have not been recognized for a long time will have'Legal Status'. What does this mean to the people?

■ The old standard is too vague

It is reported that before this, China has not yet had a national standard for disposable plastic tableware, however, each enterprise has set up enterprise standards. Non-degradable tableware such as disposable plastic lunch boxes have no standards for a long time. Although they are not expressly prohibited, they have no legal status.

According to the manufacturer, the cost of producing degradable lunch boxes is 20% higher than that of non-degradable lunch boxes. However, because the old technical standards are difficult to guarantee the enforcement of law, the disposable foamed plastics that have already been banned are difficult to disappear for a long time.

■ experts interpret new standards:

-- For the first time, the national standard for disposable plastic tableware was formulated, which ended the chaotic state of non-degradable tableware without standards and reduced the trouble that every enterprise must formulate enterprise standards;

-- For the first time, the legal status of non-degradable plastic tableware was recognized in the form of national standards, and specific index requirements were also put forward for degradable plastic tableware, it has reduced the confusion brought to the market by blind publicity and promotion of degradable plastic tableware by enterprises in the past;

-- The scope of disposable tableware is clearly defined: it refers to the utensils for expected dining or similar purposes, including disposable lunch boxes, plates, dishes, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, bowls, cups, cans, pots, straws, etc, however, it does not include food packages that are not intended for dining purposes or for similar purposes, such as fresh food trays, yogurt cups, jelly cups, etc.

-- Specific provisions have been made on the heat-resistant water-resistant performance, heat-resistant oil performance, water leakage performance, weight-bearing performance and temperature resistance of microwave ovens of tableware.

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