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by:LINYANG     2019-10-28
The tarpaulin factory teaches you to buy high-quality tarpaulin online. The tarpaulin factory knows that many people are more and more willing to buy tarpaulin online. Although this is very convenient, it still has a high risk compared with offline purchases. For this, the tarpaulin factory summed up some precautions for online shopping tarpaulin, as follows, I hope to help everyone. 1. Details: many merchants will display the details of the covered tarpaulin. When looking at the picture, it depends on the density of the canvas. If there is no needle eye in the sun, it is a good canvas; Good waterproof performance, cover tarpaulin must be 100% waterproof products, waterproof performance is his main advantage; The production process is also very important. The high-quality cover tarpaulin is generally a heat-sealing process, and there will be no water leakage at the interface. 2, look at the price: many manufacturers on the treasure to play the lowest price of the scorpion to blind the eyes of customers. When choosing to cover the tarpaulin, if the price marked by the merchant is a little out of reality, then it is definitely not a good quality cover tarpaulin. The price of canvas in the market is generally uniform, and the high-quality covered tarpaulin will not suddenly reduce the price. As the saying goes, every penny is worth every penny, when buying, you must not transfer into the price war and buy inferior cover tarpaulin. 3, thickness: many cover tarpaulin buyers like to choose thick, in fact, this is a wrong way to buy. The high-quality cover tarpaulin feels soft, soft and good. Note: The canvas market is getting bigger and bigger now, and many small enterprises and low-quality canvas merchants are also mixed up in the market. Therefore, we should also identify brands when buying canvas now. Linyi Xuda Import and Export Co. , Ltd. provides you with professional knowledge and high-quality tarpaulin. Welcome to inquire and serve you wholeheartedly.
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