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Discussion on the function and application of fpc covering film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


What is fpc covering film? The industry calls it CVL.

its main function is similar to the green paint of PCB:

1) Protect the copper foil from exposure to air and avoid oxidation of the copper foil;

2) In the subsequent SMT, the solder resist effect

3)Cover for subsequent surface treatment. If the areas that do not need gold plating are covered with CVL

In the early days, FPC was only used in special industries such as military and aerospace. With the development of various information terminal equipment, FPC has gradually been applied to civil and commercial fields. In recent years, it has been mainly driven by the growth of consumer electronics products, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) Personal computers: including desktop computers and notebook computers, as well as emerging wearable computers.

(2)Computer peripherals. The above two are the markets with the largest demand for FPC in the world, but their growth rate is not high.

(3) Mobile phone: 6 to 10 FPCs are used in a flip phone. These FPCs are mainly single and double-sided. FPC with multi-layer structure is used for display module and camera module.

(4) Audio and video equipment is FPC's third largest application area: portable products ( Such as MP3, MP4, mobile TV, mobile DVD, etc) And flat panel display will continue to increase FPC usage.

(5) Other application markets include medical devices, automobiles and meters.

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