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Discussion on storage conditions and use methods of pvc Heat Shrinkable bag

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


Heat Shrinkable packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the current market. Products wrapped in pvc Heat Shrinkable bags, after heating, the shrink film wraps the product or package to fully display the appearance of the item, improve the exhibition of the product, and increase the beauty and value. At the same time, the packaged articles can be sealed, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, and protect the goods from external impact, and have certain cushioning, especially when packaging fragile products, it can prevent the utensils from flying when they are broken. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen.

Discussion on storage conditions and usage of pvc Heat Shrinkable bag

storage conditions of pvc Heat Shrinkable bag:

① PVC heat-shrinkable bags should be stored in a sanitary place with a temperature lower than 30℃, preferably lower than 25℃ and a humidity of 45%-75% square meters of warehouse;

② products need to avoid direct sunlight;

③ the distance between the product and the heat source is not less than 1 m;

④ it is forbidden to trample and carry products at the same time;

⑤ The best time to use the Heat Shrinkable bag is within six months from the date of production.

How to use pvc Heat Shrinkable bag:

① do not fill the contents too full, leaving 5-The length of 8 cm is convenient for vacuum and heat sealing;

② when the heat-shrinkable bag is heat-sealed, the heat-sealed part should be cleaned to ensure the sealing is clean;

③ the packaged products should avoid contact with sharp objects;

④ it is forbidden to use the product beyond the sealing and shrinkage temperature. The heat shrinkage temperature of the product is 852℃, heat shrinkage time 1-2 seconds;

⑤ regularly replace the silica gel strip, Teflon cloth, heating strip and vacuum pump oil of the vacuum machine to ensure that the vacuum machine is in the best working state.

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