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Discussion on adhesion of PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


The adhesion of polyvinyl chloride film and the strength coefficient of bonding seam vary with many factors ( Such as film hardness, plasticizer content, thickness, surface state, surface presence or absence'Frost'Phenomenon, whether the plasticizer will migrate, etc)Change and change.

adhesion test must start with testing the quality of adhesive joints. The measured contents include the quality of the adhesive seam, peel strength or shear strength. Bonding is generally carried out on the entire surface, such as in the form of points and lines, it is best to use the method of welding.

The determination of adhesion fastness should be carried out after the adhesion seam is dry. At 50 ~ After heat aging at about 60 ℃ for 32 days, another fastness test is required. There are two effects of thermal aging on the adhesive seam: first, continue to dry the adhesive and solidify it, which can improve the fastness of the adhesive seam, however, the bonding strength of the bonding seam will also be reduced due to the migration of plasticizer to the bonding seam.

when the polyvinyl chloride film is bonded to other materials, the bonding fastness can be qualitatively identified by hand tearing the film. If there is no seam, the material with less strength is torn (For example, when the film is bonded to steel, the film is torn) , It can be considered that sufficient adhesion fastness has been achieved.

The Test of tearing can help to determine the bonding strength of the adhesive to various materials, thus the appropriate adhesive can be selected.

bonding seam is better for occasions that only withstand shear force to avoid peeling, because the shear strength of bonding seam is generally greater than the peeling strength.

The peel strength of the adhesive can reach 50 ~ of the film strength ~ 80%, if the adhesive is properly selected, the bonding process is good, and the strength of the substrate is also high, the shear strength can be close to 100% of the film strength.

Table 3- 25 Some shear and peel strength values obtained from the literature are listed.

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