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Diffusion membrane - — The medium of light refraction

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Diffusion membrane is a kind of more professional film material, at present, the diffusion of membrane is mainly refers to is widely applied in membrane group for diffusion of backlit LCD light source parts. Light through the spread of the PET as base material layer, through in the medium, to make many refraction, reflection and scattering of light, can be fixed light into uniform plane light source in order to achieve the effect of optical diffusion. In the back light structure mainly have the effect of modified diffusion Angle, can make the optical radiation area increases, but reduces the per unit area of light intensity, which reduce the luminance. Shining light after diffusion: material, can become bigger, better uniformity, color even 2 times on the light. Have the function of the diffusion light, the light scattering will happen on the surface, the light is downy evenly spread out; Most diffusion is the basic structure of membrane on the transparent substrate such as PET with optical astigmatism particles. Pop, diffusion film diffusion and separation is the LCD screen light, made an even light screen, also known as the 'separation membrane. They must meet the requirements of separation process, in the hot and uranium hexafluoride technology of corrosive gases, still keep stability, reliability and mechanical strength. In a nutshell, diffusion film is the medium of light refraction, in LCD photoelectric product manufacturing industry, play an important role.
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