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Die cutting of electrostatic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-02
Die cutting: the definition of die cutting is the use of the material of the mould will specify cut into the required shape, to meet the needs of the customers during assembly. Gum - — Has as the viscous force of seal, can be used for bonding with lens and LCD electronic products, such as mobile phones, pdas, laptops, etc. It can not only play a very good bonding effect, and can have the effect of shock absorption and beautiful. Cutting according to the requirements of various shapes and materials. Who needs bonding, electrical insulation, high temperature resistant cover, waterproof seal, vibration absorbing, buffering, electromagnetic shielding, anti-corrosion fire place, day huada electronic material co. , LTD can provide you with the overall, professional solutions, to help your products improve the quality of products and technical support. Lam jan himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 To processing various types of pressure sensitive and pressure-sensitive materials and various kinds of thin film materials, such as PET, PVC, PE protective film, industrial tape, electrical tape, medical tape, polyester film, kapton, chevron, vinyl materials, sheet, foam, leather, cloth, green shell paper, etc. Product can roll, also can be independent and provide products or other your designated supply way. Products are widely used in electronics, communications, electronics, home appliances, construction, printing, aviation, automotive and other fields. Protective film class die-cutting: protective film according to its viscosity can be divided into low, medium viscosity, high viscosity. According to the different industry self attribute can choose its viscosity. In the liquid crystal display, laminated many such as polarizing film, phase difference, diffuser etc. Various kinds of optical film. In the optical film manufacturing, processing, and transportation process, to protect the optical film, protective tape is widely used. The material has high transparency, so you don't do harm to the appearance of the product characteristics. Because it is a mild adhesive type, therefore can be bonded in the case of low tension and stripping. 1, plasma TV screen protective film, laptop, 2 screen protective film post 4, 3, LCD screen protective film to protect console LCD screen protective film to protect post 5, electrostatic protective film, electrostatic plastic protective film to stick 6, 7, mobile phones, digital cameras electronic dictionary LCD protection film camera screen protection film, 8, 9 car DVD GPS LCD screen protection film, PET polyester film surface hardening treatment ( Membrane switch materials) 10, LCD photoelectric series; LCD liquid crystal display, back plate, EL electrical refrigeration optical films, conductive membrane switch, membrane panel, computer display the surface protection of 11, plastic injection molding products: ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, instrument panel, plastic lenses surface protection, brand printing: PVC, PC, aluminum, copper and other metal and plastic surface protection
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