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Development Trend of PE electrostatic film in 2013

by:LINYANG     2020-02-25
In terms of the quality of PE electrostatic protective film, it can be said that it has accepted the ideal level of everyone at present, but for more than 20 years, the technology of protective film has not been improved or changed. By contrast, the current electrostatic protective film is not as good as the previous protective film. It is also PE series. Why is there any difference? At present, the technology is more and more developed, and the quality of the products is getting worse and worse. This is not only on the PE electrostatic protective film, but also many of them are the same, such as the current clothes fabric problem, in the past, how to wear and wash a piece of clothing could be worn for a long time without being rotten, but now an expensive piece of clothing has faded badly after washing several times, which is a common problem in the market. According to the current explanation: Modern electrostatic membrane production adopts high-tech semi-automated machinery production, thus achieving high-speed production effect and reducing manpower expenditure, but it also reduces the quality problem of the protective film. Mechanical production can not be higher than the quality of manual production, this point in many product production, are the same, manual operation of machinery can not be humanized control of the quality of the protective film production problem. Our life is getting easier and easier, resulting in progress in the production of enterprises. However, the quality problem has always needed improvement. We are also constantly upgrading machines and technology, this is also what needs to be done most at present.
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