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Development of barrier plastic packaging film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


In recent years, technological progress has made the functional development trend of plastic packaging films increasingly obvious, plastic packaging film with high requirements and high technology content is becoming the pillar industry and research and development target of many enterprises, and its packaging functions are diverse. Among them, permeability-resistant plastic packaging film is one of the fastest growing functional films.

1. The permeability resistance of resin refers to the shielding function of small molecular gases such as oxygen, water vapor, liquid and odor. Anti-permeability film is mainly used for food and medicine packaging to ensure that the packaging is fragrant and does not deteriorate during storage and transportation, so as to prolong its shelf life and shelf life. Permeability-resistant plastic films are widely used in the packaging of convenient food, medicine, cosmetics, tea, spices and other products, so permeability-resistant films have become a hot spot in the development of various countries.

The use of permeability-resistant resin in permeability-resistant plastic films is the key, mainly polyethylene acid (PVA)Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol copolymer (EVOH)Vinylidene Chloride Copolymer (PVDC)Polyethylene glycol ester (PEN)Nylon (PA)Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Among these permeability-resistant resins, PVA, EVOH, PVDC and PEN are high permeability-resistant materials, PVDC and EVOH are the most commonly used, while PA and PET have similar permeability-resistant properties, it belongs to medium resistance material.

2. In the production process of the resistance plastic packaging film, due to the limitation of the material's own characteristics or the price factor, the general resistance material is not used alone, in order to meet the requirements of different commodities for resistance, soft plastic packaging has developed from the original production of single-layer films to multi-variety and multi-functional composite packaging films. At present, there are 4 kinds of composite technologies for permeability-resistant plastic packaging films: dry composite method, coating composite method, co-extrusion composite method, evaporation composite method.

3. Resistance detection with the improvement of enterprise quality awareness, more and more film manufacturers such as Yuncheng plastic industry, Zhenwang plastic, Dahua plastic industry, Haiqi plastic industry, etc, and food and drug enterprises such as Sanlu Dairy, Yili Dairy, Yangshengtang, Jiuzhitang, jingfukang, Jiangsu Sihuan, Lizhu Pharmaceutical, Yurun Food, etc. have increased the detection of film barrier to ensure product quality.

The Resistance Test is mainly to test the gas permeability and water vapor permeability of materials, the testing equipment used for barrier testing mainly includes air permeability tester, moisture permeability tester, oxygen permeability tester, etc. Since entering the 21st century, domestic instruments have broken the previous situation that barrier testing equipment relied on imports. The manufacturer Jinan Languang has become the only one and has continuously invested in research and development, making it possible for barrier testing instruments to grow at a relatively high speed. Taking the barrier test of Languang's independent property right as an example, the ventilation method covers the differential pressure method and the isobaric method, and the moisture permeability method has both weighing method and electrolysis method to meet the domestic and foreign standards, gradually put professional, serialized and cost-effective instruments into the market.

in our country, barrier packaging films are in the growth period of popularization and use. Barrier films produced in China are mostly used in the packaging of low-end products, barrier Films with excellent performance also need to be imported in large quantities. Most domestic scientific research institutes and enterprises lack independent development capability, and their raw materials, equipment and technology will be subject to foreign companies, therefore, there is still a long way to go in the detection of the resistance of the raw material resin and its matching film.

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