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Design technology of protective film adhesive

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25
The adhesive is composed of various raw materials. According to the required application, different adhesive materials are combined to produce adhesives with various functions, which are then applied to adhesive tapes and protective films. The adhesive tape and protective film are very convenient, can be pasted as needed, and can also be pre-processed and die-cut into specified shapes, which is also the reason why protective film adhesive tape is widely used in LCD televisions, mobile phones and automobiles. In applications that require permanent fixing of articles, such as automobile parts, the adhesive must be firm, while on the screen of the mobile phone, the protective film (Tape) It needs to be easy to peel off and does not leave residual glue, so there is a battery easy to pull glue. The adhesive used with the polarization film must be transparent and weather-resistant, while the adhesive used inside the vehicle must be low VOC emission. For each of these different applications, different types of adhesives are required. We designed them to achieve a mixture optimized for different applications to achieve the desired functionality. We use special designs to produce adhesives for processing silicon wafers and ceramics to make them firm under normal conditions, but lose their strength when exposed to heat or ultraviolet light, this is the thermal adhesive tape or UV adhesive tape. Adhesive materials add a certain amount of certain materials in artificial rubber to make various adhesives. Determining how many kinds of materials are needed in the adhesive is the goal of adhesive design technology. The types of adhesives use rubber, acrylic acid and siloxane adhesives according to the required applications, and each material is designed to utilize the different characteristics of rubber. Rubber adhesive natural rubber itself only has a certain degree of adhesion, usually adding some kind of tackifier. This enables it to adhere to various adhesions and is usually used in packaging tapes. Acrylic Adhesives can synthesize acrylic polymers with various functions by selecting acrylic monomers and performing copolymerization, so that they can be used as adhesives. Due to its outstanding performance in transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance and solvent resistance, it is widely used in LCD panels, mobile phones and automotive applications. Silicone adhesive silicone rubber performs well in terms of heat resistance polarity and extreme temperature and can be used at various temperatures. Since it has only low adhesion, silicone resin is used as tackifier. By changing the structural ratio of silicone rubber to silicone resin, the required adhesion characteristics can be obtained. It is also cross-linked with cross-linking agents such as benzoyl peroxide to improve heat resistance. Polyurethane adhesive this type of adhesive is used in applications such as protective films and fluff removers due to its excellent removability.

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