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Degradable plastic bottles become a new member in the packaging field of toiletries

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03


PhilipKingsley scalp care product is the first to use M & H biodegradable plastic bottle packaging products, it chooses M & TallBostonRound plastic bottles of H75ml and 250.

M & SimonChidgey, sales and marketing director of HPlastics, said:' Biodegradable plastic bottle products are M & The emergence of H will meet the rising demand for sustainable products in the market. 'M & HPlastics plastic bottle packaging manufacturer said that the decomposition speed of this product is much faster than that of ordinary plastic bottles, which will bring better environmental benefits to products that cannot be recycled. The biodegradable parts of the product include blow molded HDPE and PP plastic bottle bodies, polyethylene pipes and PP molded bottle caps.

clireedgecombe, managing director of PhilipKingsley, said:'M & H is like a team with us, designing at a reasonable cost and using products that respond to environmental protection calls to create a very fashionable product. '

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