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Degradable agricultural plastic film will become the mainstream of the market

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03

Global Plastics News:

facing the increasingly scarce land resources and rising food demand, agricultural plastic films are becoming more and more popular, because agricultural plastic film can accelerate the efficiency of agricultural products, but also because of the high processing cost of its raw materials, the disadvantages of agricultural plastic film are also obvious. Therefore, in the future, degradable agricultural plastic films will become the mainstream of the market.

It is predicted that the global agricultural plastic film market will increase from 58. 5% in 2012. $0. 7 billion rose to in 2019. $0. 6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 7. 6%. China is currently the largest producer of agricultural films in the world, and there are many manufacturers involved.

In 2012, China was the world's largest consumer of agricultural film, accounting for 61% of the global market. The increasingly severe food demand and high-tech agricultural technology continuously promoted the whole industry, the report predicts that China will maintain 7. 5% annually for the next 6 years. With a compound annual growth rate of 6%, it has become the country with the fastest growth rate in the world.

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