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Definition and characteristics of stretch packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-01-25


stretch packaging is a new packaging technology that began to be adopted in the late 1980s S. It was developed from shrink packaging. Stretch Packaging is a packaging method that relies on mechanical devices to stretch, tightly wrap and seal the elastic film around the package at normal temperature. Since the stretch package does not need heating, the energy consumed is only 1/20 of that of the shrink package. Stretch Packaging is mainly used to pack single items and can also be used for collective packaging such as pallet packaging.

Definition and characteristics of stretch packaging

stretch film packaging has its unique advantages besides the characteristics of general plastic film packaging. Compared with Heat Shrinkable film packaging, this packaging form can save a lot of energy, does not need fuel, and can simplify equipment; Compared with the strapping package, the corner protector can be removed, and the phenomenon of the strapping tape being damaged or the goods being pulled in can also be avoided. The load force of the stretch film can be adjusted and distributed to the width of the whole film. The Stretch Wrap can provide better protection and prevent damage from the surrounding environment. You can also choose a transparent, dyed or opaque stretch film to identify the goods, or to make it difficult to identify to prevent theft. Because the stretch film has elasticity and resilience, the goods wrapped by the stretch film are more resistant to impact and vibration.

at first, stretch packaging was mainly used for sales packaging, which satisfied the packaging of meat, poultry, seafood products, fresh fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets. Since ideal stretch films such as polyvinyl chloride films have been used in stretch packaging, stretch packaging has developed rapidly and expanded from the field of sales packaging to the field of transportation packaging, because stretch packaging can save equipment investment and materials and energy costs when used for transportation packaging. Stretch Packaging, like shrink packaging, is also a promising packaging technology.

at present, it is quite common to use stretch packaging technology in the world, especially in the internal and external packaging of chemical raw materials, products, food, tea, paper, hardware, electric tools, wire mesh and other products, as well as the production, transportation and packaging of ceramic products, glassware, electronic picture tubes, beer and beverage metal soft cans and plastic bottles, stretch packaging film is the preferred packaging film.

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