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Deep drawing of stainless steel protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
1 deep-drawing protective film. The protective film can be deep drawing process in sheet metal such as stainless steel, electrolytic plate, the material such as manufacture, copper plate, aluminum plate, avoid surface damage. Due to the use of the special PE rubber base material, it in the deep drawing process, have good uniform elongation performance, can achieve 1:8 elongation. 2. Provide processing steel mesh, aluminum mesh, the loudspeaker punching special-purpose brittle protective film materials and solutions. 3 the color of the protective film can undertake choosing according to the needs of customers, such as: colorless, transparent, blue, white and other colors. 4 protective film of the viscous force and other special requirements, according to the requirements of your company technical experts to production and processing. Suitable use range: all kinds of stainless steel strip from power: thick viscous, about 100 degrees: 5 c - - 8 c product points: 1, stretching height: 1 - - Not broken, do not rebound after 40 cm2, stretching, prison and not solid, for all sorts of substrate surface are stuck fast, and when its off towards the end of the technological process, there will be no glue residual, also won't produce corrosion effect. Easy solution volume; Easy tear stick easily. 3, all kinds of products, when the surface need to spray, deep processing of acid corrosion, etc, not to need the spraying, the etched surface needs to be covered up, when spraying for a variety of color cover, cover is more important. Using this product for shelter, is your best choice. The temperature features: scope of application for - 30 ℃ to 70 ℃ of wet resistance: in the environment of the relative humidity is 95%, can be stored for a long time and use
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