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Current situation and new development trend of European agricultural films

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23

plastic industry consulting company Application Market Information Co. , Ltd. AMI recently released its first in-depth report on the European agricultural film market, emphasizing the importance of plastics in the fields of agriculture and horticulture. The report details the 2 billion euro agricultural Film Market (More than 500 thousand tons of polymer films per year).

Climate change may extend plastic greenhouses further to the north. At the same time, existing users want more durable agricultural films with longer service life to reduce costs. At present, the overall impact of these changing trends is that the total market growth is very small, but for agricultural film manufacturers, there are still opportunities to develop better agricultural films for some fields, such as barrier performance, thermal performance, visual and light selection performance.

In Europe, the agricultural film market is mainly located in the Mediterranean region. Spain and Italy are in the leading position, especially in the amount of greenhouse film and mulch. However, in the long run, it is expected that the demand for agricultural films in Nordic countries will increase more strongly, because climate change will create more favorable conditions for agricultural development in Nordic countries, the requirement of continuously increasing production will promote the growth of demand for agricultural films.

grazing film is the most demanding variety of agricultural film, accounting for almost half of the European market. The share of stacking Tibetan blue storage film and green storage material stretch film is the same, silage bags/tubes account for a smaller share. The consumption of greenhouse films accounts for 30% of the total market, including films for traditional greenhouse structures, large tunnels/pedestrian tunnels, low tunnels and floating/direct covering films. Plastic film accounts for the remaining 25% of the demand for agricultural film in Europe, and the overall demand is expected to decline slightly, as it is replaced by biodegradable film and the thickness can be further reduced in some places.

The Top Ten agricultural film producers account for more than half of the European film production. Although the production of Mediterranean producers Armando Alvarez, Agriplast, Eiffel and PlastikaKritis accounts for the majority of the production of greenhouse film, Nordic and Nordic producers such as Trioplast, Rani Plast, BPI, RKW and Hyplast mainly produce grass film, and less mulch.

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