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CPP protective films can be divided into two categories according to their functions

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
CPP protective film is a polypropylene film produced by casting process. It has transparent CPP protective film and frosted CPP protective film. CPP protective film is a protective film with high usability and strong pertinence. Good transparency and uniform thickness are the greatest advantages of CPP protective film. CPP protective film can be divided into ordinary CPP protective film and cooking grade CPP protective film according to its functional classification. With excellent transparency and uniform vertical and horizontal performance, CPP protective film has become the preferred material for the inner layer of composite film. The thickness of ordinary CPP protective film is generally 25 ~ Between 50 μm, it has good transparency, bright surface and firm hand feeling after being compounded with OPP. General gift packaging bags are made of this material. Ordinary Grade CPP protective film has achieved good heat sealing property. The thickness of cooking grade CPP protective film is generally 60 ~ Between 80 μm, capable of cooking at 121 ℃ for 30 min, with good oil resistance, air tightness and high heat sealing strength. Generally, CPP Film of cooking grade is used in the inner layer of meat packaging. Yuyang Technology Co. , Ltd. specially supplies CPP frosted protective film with good performance! The price is affordable, with 0 respectively. 05mm CPP frosted protective film, price 21/KG, 0. 08mm CPP frosted protective film, the price is 20/KG. Welcome the vast number of protective film manufacturers and traders to come to consult and order.
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