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CPP protective film is widely used in food packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
The boiled film is an advanced film product under the CPP protective film category. As the name implies, it is a film material that can withstand steaming or boiling together with food and other materials, that is, it can withstand high temperatures, and environment-friendly film materials that do not emit harmful gases at high temperatures. Once this kind of film was introduced, it was warmly welcomed by the industry, especially the food industry. Boiled film is a kind of composite plastic film bag that can be heated. It has the advantages of both canned containers and boiling water plastic bags. Therefore, it is also called 'soft canned '. After more than ten years of use, it has proved to be an ideal sales packaging container. The retort pouch is composed of three layers of materials, and the representative structure of the retort pouch is: the outer layer is polyester film, which is used for strengthening; The middle layer is aluminum foil, which is used to prevent light, moisture and gas leakage; The inner layer is a Polyolefin film (Such as polypropylene film), Used for heat and contact with food. In terms of food packaging, compared with metal canned containers and frozen food packaging bags, retort pouch has many unique advantages: 1. Maintain the color, aroma, taste and shape of food. The retort pouch is relatively thin and can meet the sterilization requirements in a short period of time, preserving as much as possible the original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food. 2, easy to use. The retort bag can be opened conveniently and safely. When eating, put the food into boiling water and heat it for 5min to open it, even without heating. 3. Convenient storage and transportation. The retort bag is light in weight and can be stacked for storage. It occupies a small space. After packaging food, it occupies a smaller space than metal cans. It can make full use of storage and transportation space and save storage and transportation costs. 4. Save energy. Because the retort pouch is thinner, it can reach the lethal temperature of bacteria faster when heated, and the energy consumed is 30 ~ less than that of iron cans ~ 40%. 5, easy to sell. The retort pouch can be packaged according to the needs of the market or packed with different foods. Customers can buy them at will. In addition, due to the exquisite decoration, the sales volume has also been greatly increased. 6. Long storage time. The food packaged in the retort bag does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, and the shelf life is stable, which can be comparable to the metal cans, which is convenient for sales and also convenient for home use. 7. Lower manufacturing cost. The composite film used to make the retort pouch is cheaper than the metal plate, and its production process and required equipment are very simple, so the retort pouch is cheaper, and the retort pouch also has its disadvantages, mainly due to the lack of high-speed filling equipment, it has a certain impact on mass production. At present, the base material for cooking film mainly includes CPP Film base material, which is an environment-friendly base material with high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and high heat sealing strength. It is the main choice base material for cooking film.
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