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COSCO produces films for personal documents such as passports

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16


It is reported that kostron is developing thin film solutions that can increase the production efficiency and safety of various cards.

kostron will use this program to prepare for the exhibition of its new sophisticated identity card products at the UK Identity Card Solutions Conference SDW 2017.

Georgios Tziovaras, kostron special film application engineer, said,' The newly added multi-layer TPU film combined with polycarbonate film to our product list is suitable for applications requiring extremely high mechanical strength and durability'One of the cases is a passport.

industry insiders point out that this processing method is very efficient and materials can provide lasting protection for pages.

In addition, use makropilot® ID Superlaser polycarbonate film manufacturing identification documents, the holder's information and photos can be printed by laser marking, and the contrast ratio is higher than that of conventional laser reactive film. At the same time, the laser marking effect can penetrate the entire page and strengthen the anti-counterfeiting protection. At the same time, personal identity printing is faster and more economical than traditional methods. The development of this Superlaser patented technology is kostron's feedback on the latest trends in the security document market.

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