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Corn straw covered with pe grass film turned yellow to store feed

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18


In the season when farmers are busy with autumn harvest, golden corn ears are transported to the granary, and a large amount of straw can be left in the field. In Qiaoshang village, Changchi town, Yu county, Shi Junhai, a large cattle farmer, bought a straw Packer from Shandong. He used a machine to crush the corn straw and then covered it with pe grass film for fermentation, it has been made into yellow storage feed with easy storage and high nutritional value, which is widely welcomed by farmers.

The villagers in Qiaoshang village mainly plant corn and millet. Every autumn harvest season, except for some villagers who smash the straw and return it to the field when harvesting corn, there are still many villagers who burn straw in the wild. In recent years, in the bridge village Village Branch'Two committees' Under the advocacy, some cattle and sheep farmers began to store straw and make feed after returning to the warehouse. They feed the straw with the straw. Although it solves the problem of straw abandonment to a certain extent, this extensive feed processing method not only occupies the site, but also is not conducive to fire prevention in winter, in particular, the nutrition of straw is easy to lose.

Shi Junhai invested nearly one million yuan to build a cowshed and introduce cattle, and began the large-scale breeding of 60 beef cattle. Shi Junhai said that Qiaoshang village is surrounded by mountains, rich in grass resources, and has unique natural conditions for raising cattle. The beef market price is relatively high and the market prospect is broad. However, a cow has to eat 25 kilograms of feed a day. The straw purchased from the farmer's house is only enough for this batch of cattle to eat for a few months. Solving the problem of cattle eating has become the top priority of Shi Junhai. After market investigation, he learned that the straw baler can make the waste straw into a yellow storage feed that is easy to store. After scientific fermentation, the nutritional value of the straw is improved, and the cattle are fattening quickly, it can also enhance the disease resistance, so it invested more than 20 thousand yuan to buy a trial.

The Straw baler is easy to operate, and only two or three people can complete the packing work. A pack of yellow storage feed weighs about 75 kilograms and costs about 150 yuan. In the past few days, Shi Junhai and workers have produced more than 1400 packets of yellow storage feed, using nearly 200 mu of corn waste straw, compared with the price of purchasing yellow storage feed from other places, the cost is nearly doubled. It is reported that the yellow storage feed he made is not only enough for his own beef cattle, but some farmers around him also want to buy from him, which can bring good economic benefits.

through a straw Packer, Shi Junhai crushed the corn straw and made it into yellow storage feed to feed cattle, thus realizing the comprehensive utilization of straw. ' For me, the collected straw is made into Yellow Storage Feed, which is enough for cattle to eat for a year. For corn growers, straw can sell money and avoid straw burning, which really kills two birds with one stone! 'He said with a smile.

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