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Constantly improve the level of protective film recycling in our country

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Protective film as one of the biggest packaging materials packaging industry usage, it's a one-time use, has been the environmental theme of an obstacle, and cost savings of a bottleneck, how to realize the maximum values of protective film is the method of cost savings have to consider. If the product is a kind of can be recycled, so for packing factory and department, is a good news. And now, as citizens and manufacturer's emphasis on environmental protection, protection of recycling strength increasing, using level enhances unceasingly, the once problem in people also eventually solved. So far, the recycling of protective film, forming a renewable utilization of physical and chemical cracking recycling monomer material recycling energy and burning. Physical and mechanical recycling, do not change protective film performance and original state, by highly protective film performance and quality manufacturer after use, low resell to the performance requirements for protective film manufacturers use, to meet the needs of the product, protective film twice or even several times to use. Chemical cracking material recycling monomer is the protective film are collected separately according to different materials, to dissolve, produce new protective film products, after processing, production of new products, and the process without having to use new raw materials, namely don't have to waste of raw materials.
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