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Congratulations to our membrane brothers unit of the machinery manufacturing industry park co. , LTD. ( 200966). listed

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
When you go to the capital market. Only continuous innovation of concept, the introduction of the standardization of management and operations, enterprises will own brand bigger and stronger, eventually leading the market. Company general manager xie Yang always capable of its, listing of brothers enterprise, xie total in spite of being very busy toglance from shenzhen to Shanghai! With a bunch of like-minded EMBA and old classmate, miracle of capital schoolmate, the anhui province ten outstanding youth, Mr Kwok hing soldier Jin Zhi group in anhui province and machinery industrial park co. , LTD. ( Of the industry transaction code: 200966) Listed in Shanghai stock exchange. Picture 1. Lam xie Yang group total guo always kind of Shanghai stock exchange to pose for pictures with Jin Zhi group 2. The early warm congratulations Yang brothers unit in machinery manufacturing in anhui province, the industrial park co. , LTD. ( Stock code: 200966) Listing 3 images. Anhui province in the machinery manufacturing industrial park co. , LTD. At Shanghai stock exchange listed on the picture 4. Lam Yang xie guo total sum Jin Zhi group together for us in mechanical manufacturing industrial park co. , LTD. , gong opened 5 images. Lam Yang xie total together with other brothers unit leaders in the royal picture 6. The encounter between capital and industrial, lam Yang xie total picture 7 Suggestions seriously. The near future, Yang will plow, to the listed target stride!
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