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Comprehensive interpretation of the green electrostatic membrane used in industrial production in which parts of the world

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Green electrostatic membrane is one of the commonly used protective film. Commonly used in surface light products. Main use: green electrostatic membrane is mainly suitable for all kinds of plastic plate, sheet, PET / PP / PS / PVC / PMMA / ABS / PC) , aluminous model board, plastic lens plate, organic glass, decorative sheet and aluminum extrusions, model steel profile, stainless steel sheet, specular injection, sunshine board, endurance plate and other plastic sheet, plate, etc. Make the products in the transportation, processing, stamping, molding and a stored procedure from contamination, scratches, damage and sticky dust, keep the original surface dry clean, increase yield, reduce the cost. The product does not need to glue on surface is easy to paste, not easy broken, not easy to fall off, not easy to deformation, good protection effect. The characteristics: the product surface material static electricity migration phenomenon, using 100000 grade purification workshop production, cleanliness excellent, excellent transparency, can under the state of joint protection materials for optical film appearance inspection, low viscosity, stick attached adhesion when the change is small, environmental non-toxic tasteless emerging materials. Product description 1, item description: optical PE electrostatic protective film, the product model: 2 XY8850 - A01、A02 A03、A05 A06, A09 A0100。 Specification can be according to customer requirements in the production of 3, membrane thickness: 15 um. . . 2 g - 300 um adhesion 50 g 4, color: high transparent, green, red, blue, etc. 5, and other features: high qualities, no glue ingredient, by electrostatic adsorption. Soft, no peculiar smell.
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